Monthly Economic Activity

Overview of the latest data for the mechanical engineering sector.
After the seasonal effects in September, October is now showing a decline in employment again.
In this section, the most important charts on the economic situation in mechanical engineering are compiled in a compact form.


Macron's reform policy is bearing fruit, as evidenced by corporate investment, for example.
Update: The tax research subsidy is on the home straight. It is scheduled to come into force on 1 January 2020. Find out what the new funding instrument can do for your company.
11.3 percent of the total value-added of the machinery industry in Germany gets finally tied up in automobiles. Around 121,000 of the 1.07 million jobs in the machinery industry in Germany hence depend on the global demand for automobiles. Only the construction industry plays a more important role (136,000 employees).
German machinery exports to the Czech Republic developed solidly until the first quarter of 2019. In the second quarter, however, there were clear signs of a slowdown in export business, with a decline of 4 percent. German machinery imports from the Czech Republic showed a similar development.
Dr. Ralph Wiechers: Order intake September 2019 - Balance sheet for the first 9 months in mechanical engineering
A sharp 11 percent increase in orders from the euro partner countries brightened the sky for the German mechanical engineering sector a little bit in September. In September 2019, companies recorded a 4 percent decline in orders in real terms.